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A First Time for Everything

A First Time for Everything - Fergie Boy Gay porn/erotica with a form of HEA and definite character development. Although this is described as four short stories, they are really just four stages in the hero's life. Each depicts a different degree of enthusiasm and attitude toward sex. Underneath it is an acknowledgement and wish for something deeper.
At each stage it also shows the hero very aware of what is missing. In the first instance, it's with a married man. The next is sex under the influence of drugs. A presumably accurate description of sex while on E. The next is a threesome where the more experienced hero protests the arrogance of one of the three.
This collection contains some pithy lines (as do all Jack/Tom/Fergie's books). There is a lot more to many of them than graphic sex.
Such a shame he was coming across as an arrogant bastard. But nobody's perfect; especially the ones that think they are!
The final story is the return to where he started. Acknowledging how much the casual sex and drugs along the way made him into someone he no longer respected.
It has a suggested HEA.
If you look at what the author is doing, the collection of stories lifts it above porn for sexual satisfaction.