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Tentação - Adolfo Caminha I enjoyed this story, but what really lifted it to 5 stars was the excellent depiction of the sessions with the therapist. There is an element of the hurt/comfort in the rest of the story, but this is nothing like that. It's helping someone really see what's going on in their lives. Helping them see situations from a different angle so they can make sense of them. While the sessions were dealing with PTSD and an abusive step-father, the lessons learned could be applied to all sorts of instances where life feels like it is spiralling out of control or when people or situations have hurt you.

Highly recommended for that section alone.

The only thing I didn't like? The prying, possessive, interfering sister.

Would I be tempted to detract a star? No, because it's the author's right to create characters like that. Lol. No matter how well meaning she was and how much she loved her brother, she's just lucky she's not MY sister!